Performing an incredible selection from ‘Beneath The Remains’ and ‘Arise’

The legendary brotherly duo of Max and Iggor Cavalera will once again be looking to their past with an upcoming tour of Australia set for March 2019. The siblings, whose anniversary tour for Sepultura‘s “Roots“ sold out every show in Australia, will now be setting their sights on their earlier efforts, namely 1989’s “Beneath The Remains” and 1991’s “Arise“.

Beneath The Remains is indisputably a certifiable thrash classic and one of the most brilliant pieces of thrash metal ever produced. To say the record catapulted the Brazilians onto the world stage is an understatement.

Arise, as a standalone slice of artistic fury, remains one of metal’s most complete works—an album that erupted in its own right in regards to creative output, popularity and staying power, standing the test of time and is a relentless assault of speed and thrash metal

This once in a lifetime opportunity to hear an incredible selection of the best tracks from these two classic albums is what metal fans dream of.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 16 January, 9am.


Sunday 17 March – Metropolis, Fremantle 18+

Tuesday 19 March – The Gov, Adelaide 18+

Thursday 21 March – 170 Russell, Melbourne 18+

Friday 22 March – The Valley Drive In, Brisbane 18+

Saturday 23 March – Metro Theatre, Sydney 18+

Sunday 24 March – The Basement, Canberra 18+