ABBATH Australian Tour 2015


Destroy All Lines, Blunt Magazine, & Video Hits

With an array of high-class rhymes, low-brow beats and more party than the Bolshevik revolution, Destroy All Lines in conjunction with Video Hits is proud to announce that Boulder, Colorado’s 3OH!3 will be bringing their liberating libidos, dirty synths (and even dirtier come-ons) to Australia this October!Originally connecting over a shared man-crush of Canada's Buck 65, the hip-hop loving, electro leaning duo have been the breakthrough act of the last twelve-months, courtesy of their worldwide hit "Don't Trust Me", a track that was recently certified platinum in the group's native US, as well as reaching the number three spot on Australian commercial radio AND the top slot on our nation's iTunes chart.Armed with an eclectic and energetic live show that's so banging it'll blow any sound system, this tongue in cheek twosome is ready to show local audiences what the (justified) hype is all about.

Be sure to check out 3OH!3's head-rattling wordplay and bowel-loosening beats when they hit your town in October!     


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