Antagonist A.D Nothing From No One Tour 2012



Destroy All Lines, and Shook Clothing present


From two separate nations comes the mosh bill of the year. The Nothing From No One Australian Tour this August will see Auckland's ANTAGONIST A.D., easily one of the most respected bands in the international hardcore community, cross the ditch for their first national run for the year.

Sydney's SHINTO KATANA provide a solid local grounding to the stellar three band bill. ANTAGONIST A.D. are no strangers to our shores and can rightfully claim status as a favourite amongst Australian audiences. With an unrelenting and unadulterated live show, we welcome them back for the Nothing From No One Australian Tour.

Formed in 2006 the outfit have also toured Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and more, and shared the stage with bands such as Have Heart, Parkway Drive and Earth Crisis. Earlier this year they signed to Mediaskare Records, who share their ideologies.

Speaking of the signing, ANTAGONIST A.D. vocalist Sam Crocker commented, “We know their bands are hard working ‘real’ bands that actually tour and make music. Less gimmicks & more heart – which is what we are all about. The music is paramount – first & foremost before any hype/spin/fashion/faux industry bullshit.”

Nothing From No One, ANTAGONIST A.D.'s third release and first via Mediaskare Records, “steps in a more personal direction than our previous releases,” added Sam. “There are still the usual themes you can expect from ANTAGONIST A.D. with songs about animal rights, consumerism & apathy, but where it differs is dealing with anxiety, depression – feelings of alienation. I think for me, being from a tiny town on a small isolated island at bottom of the world I really started to feel that isolation – the lyrics have been a lot more therapeutic than anything I have written before.”

Witness the tracks come to life this August.

SHINTO KATANA is not a band that is easily ignored. Having formed midway through the last decade, they have since spent their time honing their craft, doing the hard yards and winning over audiences one show at a time. Now with three full length releases under their belt, SHINTO KATANA will take to the road to unveil tracks from Redemption (out July 27 on Skull and Bones Records) for the first time. If you were a fan of anything SHINTO KATANA has done before, it's time to get excited again. For new fans, it'll quickly become evident why SHINTO KATANA's is the name on the tip of everyone's tongues. 

Regrettably, due to unforeseen circumstances, Lionheart will no longer be appearing on the Nothing From No One bill. Arrangements are already in the works to have the five piece out to Australia at a later date. Greater than the sum of its parts, the Nothing From No One Australian Tour is stacked up to be the metealcore bill of the year.

Mark the date in your diary now. Don't miss out. 


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