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It has been two years since IWrestledABearOnce tore apart our country with their utterly unique blending of grind core, metal, jazz and electronica and they are set to return to Australia in April 2014. In November 2012, we were among the first to witness the now not-so-new vocals of Courtney LaPlante who replaced Krysta Cameron abruptly on Warped Tour in that year. They have since released a record featuring LaPlante and while the quick change caught the band by surprise; they couldn’t be happier with what fate delivered them.

"Courtney is just the perfect fit for us. We met for the first time when she arrived at Warped Tour, and we played a few hours later. It just clicked. Not only is her vocal style perfect for all of our material, but she's also a total weirdo like the rest of us are. We're happier than we've been in a long time. Courtney is a source of positivity and this creative energy, and that's contagious as hell," says guitarist/keyboardist Steven Bradley.2013 marked a big year for IWrestledABearOnce with the recording and release of their third album titled ‘Late for Nothing’.

On a whole the record is a step up for the band as they experiment with some new styles and genres especially with some more spacey and melodic parts whilst still retaining their metal/jazz inspired time signatures. One thing that automatically makes the record awesome is the guitar solo in ‘Carnage Asade’ by the legendary Steve Vai."We didn't want to make another weird IWrestledABearOnce album or whatever people were expecting. We set out to make something different and better than anything we've ever released. It's a more evolved version of the band. We explored new styles and genres as well—especially in terms of the more spacey, epic, and beautiful parts. It's got the most melodic moments of our career as well as the heaviest."

Joining them for the tour is Sydney’s own Caulfield.Since releasing their EP ‘Clarity in the sea of confusion’ in 2010 Caulfield have supported some of the biggest names in the hardcore/metal genres like Parkway Drive, Vanna, Northlane, Demon Hunter, Confession, Silverstein and more. Armed with their most recent release and first full length ‘Vanity’ which was recorded with Sonny Truelove at STL studios it captures the band’s passion and intensity to life, Caulfield are a must see on this tour.Make sure you head to a show to witness IWrestledABearOnce play their new songs for yourself, along with old favourites from previous albums ‘It’s all happening’ and ‘Ruining It for Everybody’.


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