Sydonia 2009


Rare Records & Destroy All Lines Present

Sydonia are finally releasing their second DVD "Through a Lens is All We Are" in Australia this July. After overcoming many an adversity, the tri-doco-tactular will hit your players soon and give you insight to the past 3 years of the Sydonia journey.

Each mini-doco will cover their insanely-lucky, huge supporting roles to the likes of touring international acts, Lamb of God, Stone Sour (both here in Oz and the USA), Machine Head and Slipknot. Each one featuring a different live appearance from members of these bands. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God belts out Sydonia's "Incoming", Jim Root of Stone Sour plays guitar on "No Woman's Land" and Dave McClain smashes out percussion instrumental piece "Bateria".

All this and more live clips plus a new cut of Sydonia's second single's video of "No Woman's Land". The DVD is being released by the ever-supporting Rare Records, for without this close connection, none of these tours would have happened... and that is another story, so stay tuned and come along and be part of the show at a venue near you. 


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