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Heartline are a heavy/alternative band from Adelaide, South Australia. After the group’s formation in 2019, they released their debut single ‘Frail’ and follow-up EP ‘Essence’ before supporting artists such as Thy Art is Murder, Gravemind, Diamond Construct, The Brave, Redhook, Wither, Tapestry and Windwaker across SA and the East Coast. Heartline quickly received attention and respect amongst their peers due to their captivating live show and young age, with artists The Brave and Windwaker expressing interest in touring nationally with the group.

Following the release of their latest single ‘Crystal Eyes’, Heartline received a maximum monthly listener count of 20k and had a consistently large audience throughout 2020, with ‘CE’ hitting 47k Spotify streams and rising (without Editorial Playlist assistance).

Heartline are an unsigned, unassisted band who have earned themselves a loyal fan base and are preparing to take their new presence and sound across the country with their upcoming release ‘I Call For The Sinking Warmth’. 

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