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Built from the foundations of dark pop dripping with soul and intensity contrasting with explosive, driving riffs, Sydney band Inertia have proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. Working tirelessly to carve out their position at the forefront of Australia’s heavy music community, the quartet have made a lasting impression with their carefully crafted sound. Inertia’s evolved style fills a gap in the heavy scene, mixing pop sensibilities with hard-hitting compositions. Proving their self-sufficiency, the band have been self-produced with every release to date, highly valuing their DIY ethic. 
 Having shared the stage with some of the most prominent alternative acts both Australian and international, Inertia’s live show has become an essential part of their package. Inertia have previously supported Dream on Dreamer, Ocean Grove, Void of Vision, Story of The Year (US), Slaves (US) and Thornhill and continue to put everything into their live performances, living up to the vocal prowess and exciting instrumentation they have on record. After selling out their headliner last December, the band have the experience to exceed the expectations of their audiences and solidify themselves as a group to remember.  
 The new EP "MEMORIA" is available and streaming everywhere now via Resist Records.

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