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Fresh-faced and exploding onto the scene in a flurry of pastel colours and scintillating ear-worms, 2021 marks the birth of indie pop duo JUNO, featuring guitarist & producer Sam Woods and singer-songwriter Kahlia Ferguson.

The dynamic duo first met as members of indie/rock band, Sunflower. Drawn to one another’s musical sensibility, the pair grew close and connected over a love of Anderson .Paak, cold weather and rainy days. As Sunflower came to an end, the pair began writing and producing together as a therapeutic escapism. A musical connection was quickly realised and JUNO was born.

Operating out of a custom-built home studio in the duo’s hometown of Brisbane, Australia, Kahlia and Sam began posting to social media snippets of the hooks they were writing. The organic online traction they quickly gained led to a demand for full song releases and live shows. JUNO started to take shape with the inclusion of fellow band members and siblings Luke Woods (drums) and Shani Ferguson (keys).

Now, JUNO is ready to take on Australia’s music scene, and it will come as no shock that the music and live show are every bit as energetic and entertaining as could be expected.

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