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Close your eyes and hear any of its songs, and Thornhill’s epic sophomore full-length will transport its listener’s imagination to scenes of classic Hollywood. 

Riding a creative wave driven by an affection for the glam and charm of this style, Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton (vocals/lyrics) and Ethan McCann (guitar/production) birthed Heroine – a vivid anthology of stories set to a dynamic, cinema-inspired score. 

Sealed with the cohesive dynamic of the full band channeling their own characters, all together Heroine is a stunning listening and visual experience. This is Thornhill leveling up on the astounding success of The Dark Pool and ultimately proving their vision and creativity stretches well beyond the small walls of metalcore. Like the films that inspired it, Heroine is poised to go down as a tasteful, classic piece of art, enjoying repeat-listen after repeat-listen for years to come. 

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