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Australian Tour October 2024

ALL TIX: $64.90 VIP $149.90 

Kikuoland Go Round 


Japanese electronic artist Kikuo showcases the full potential of Vocaloid through his dazzling and dizzying music.A celebrated music producer and composer who is renowned for his unique, often dark and whimsical style, his diverse portfolio includes music for commercial video games, film soundtracks, and songwriting for various artists. Kikuo's compositions often explore dark and surreal themes, with lyrics crafted in a poetic and abstract manner.

Within the Vocaloid community, Kikuo has gained widespread acclaim for his unique and experimental musical approach. His work has garnered a dedicated following of over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers. His groundbreaking track, "Aishite Aishite Aishite," is the very first Vocaloid song to surpass 100 million streams on Spotify.

In 2023, his music video ranked #3 in Vocaloid hits with 85 million YouTube views. Hailing from Japan, Kikuo's influence extends globally, captivating fans and solidifying his status as the preeminent Vocaloid producer worldwide. His unique style and global appeal continue to make him a prominent figure in the realm of Vocaloid music.

Kikuo will bring his mesmerizing music to Australia for the first time, promising a truly unforgettable experience

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