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Regurgitator-curated Hometown Carnival Of Music

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Regurgitator announce UNITS, a Regurgitator-curated hometown carnival of music, in celebration of their iconic 1997 album UNIT, which will be played in full, in all its pixelated density, along with an extended set of hits next month in Brisbane/Meanjin.

Regurgitator will be joined by a plethora of dynamic Brisbane-centric musical cohorts featuring DZ Deathrays, Custard, Butterfingers, Resin Dogs, and Screamfeeder, along with Models and more, taking place across two stages with no crossovers! The pixel's gonna shine one more time at Eaton's Hill Outdoors & Ballroom on Saturday, March 25th.


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We've just added CABLE TIES, CHEAP DATE & SOY DIVISION to the already stacked lineup!


UNITS - Code for rhymes. Products of time. 

There just is. The parameters come defined by a myriad vista of zeros and ones... on and off... decisions and choices - some more than others. The input activated signals all hail the storm of pixelations that cascade across dream screens flashwashing our minds with saturated sound and colour. The pixel rains supreme like a solar fractal fragmenting the silver streams we skim our daily way through... building blocks to chain the virtuality and crave a mass of neon ear worms infest shifting plates of the seismic psyche. Just go with it. We are all units.

In a world stood prone before portals comes a veritable electric stream of bits - 25 years of UNIT in one moment of sound and colour. Music is waves.


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Mar 25thEatons Hills Hotel Outdoor

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