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The Law of Augmenting Returns Tour 

with special guests Lune 

ALL TIX: $29.90   

September 2024

Omnific photo.jpg


To celebrate the release of The Omnific's brand new album, The Law Of Augmenting Returns, the world’s most prominent bass driven instrumental rock act will hit the road and take their awe inspiring live show across the nation this September.

Featuring the mind bending tracks including single, Matrices, Base Camp, Will-O’-The-Wisp and Phat Mackerel, The Law Of Augmenting Returns is a record that has turned the progressive music world on its head with its amazing displays of musicianship.

Take for example, Will-O'-The Wisp which transports you to distant realms with its galloping chorus licks and orb-pondering atmosphere twisting through its near 8 minute journey.

The Omnific's wholly unique approach to songwriting features the unorthodox line up of two bass guitars and drums only. Resulting in music of grandiose proportions. Bone-crushing riffs, memorable choruses, and eerie dreamlike sequences. It is unlike anything else and completely captivating.

This powerful trinity of bass and drums pushed their creative boundaries to unprecedented heights on their new record; a tremendous body of work transpired, traversing the intense, the emotionally charged, and the humorous, appealing to a wide range of musical palates.

This August, The Omnific will be trailblazing their way through Europe & the UK, heading on their first ever summer festival run, alongside their most extensive array of headline shows in Europe to date. They’ll be making highly anticipated debut appearances at festivals; Radar (UK), Vagos (PT), Brutal Assault (CZ), Arctangent (UK), and Fekete Zaj (HU). Led by their two other-worldly intertwining bassists, Matt Fack & Toby Peterson-Stewart, and backed by flamboyant drummer Jerome Lematua, The Bass Boys will be bringing a full tank of charisma, showmanship, and unbelievable technical performances from down under.

They will return a finely tuned live machine and primed to deliver on these Australian shows.
Get your tickets quick as anticipation to catch The Omnific is such ferocious form will result in shows selling out very fast! 

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