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Alt. is Dan Richards (vocals), Simon Aistrope (guitar), Daniel Wells-Smith (guitar), and Declan Fry (drums) from Adelaide, Australia. 


alt. emerged in December 2019 followed by the anticipated debut EP ‘dysfunctional’ was released independently by alt. in April 2020. Since it’s release the band have clocked over a million streams for the record as well as being featured on Spotify Editorial Playlist ‘Rock Out’ as the front cover. December 2020 saw the band finally perform their debut EP live to fans in Adelaide after nearly a year off stage due to covid which saw large audiences gather to witness this performance.

2021 has already been an interesting year on reaching new milestones from national touring to the band successfully selling out their first pressing of ‘Dysfunctional’ on vinyl within 24 hours back in May. With new music on the horizon there are no signs of Alt. slowing down any time soon.


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