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How do I purchase presale tickets?
Our pre-sales are only available online. Please sign up for the tour waitlist advertised via the announcement post on our socials or via the links on our current tours’ webpage here.
Presale links are then sent out the night before a pre-sale, generally around 6 PM. The email will highlight when the pre-sale starts in your time zone and whether you need to enter a password. Our pre-sales typically do not need passwords.

What can I do if I haven’t received the pre-sale email?
Don’t fret! Please contact us and we will assist! Either direct message our Facebook page or email us at with what tour you are wanting to purchase tickets to, and we will send you the pre-sale link.

Why are there no tickets available when I clicked “purchase” as soon as the show went on sale?
It’s likely that all tickets were on ‘dibs’. When someone is purchasing tickets, those tickets go into a hold status – known as “dibs” – and are no longer available to other customers. The tickets remain on “dibs” until the customer completes the transaction, the transaction times out or is abandoned. Those tickets then go back into the central system for the next customer to draw from. So, if there are a number of customers simply looking and not buying, those tickets may become available again in a matter of minutes. We advise you to just keep trying.

I wanted a ticket to a show, but you have advised it is sold out. What can I do to stay up to date if more tickets become available?
The best thing to do in this situation is sign up for any of the wait lists advertised on our current tour page via the tour you are wanting to buy tickets to or via the wait list link posted with the sold-out tour artwork. People who have signed up for the city-specific wait lists will be the first to know if we are releasing more tickets to a show.

How much are the tickets?
Ticket prices are available on the ticket agents’ website. 

How do I purchase accessible tickets?
Providing an accessible and inclusive experience for all fans is a top priority for Destroy All Lines. Please follow the links below for the ticketing company you are purchasing for – 





If the ticketing company you are purchasing from is not above, please reach out to us directly at and we will point you in the right direction! 



The money has been taken out of my account, but I haven’t received my tickets. What happened?
Due to the large number of people who would also be purchasing tickets to the event, PDF tickets that are sent via email can be delayed up to 48 hours after purchase. Promoters don’t have access to the ticketing systems, so you will need to contact the ticketing company or venue directly to assist. Alternatively, we advise you to also check your online ticketing account. 


I don’t want to attend the concert anymore; can I get a refund?
No. Unfortunately, all ticket sales are final, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. Unless the event is cancelled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated.

What do I need to do if I am legible for a refund?
You need to get in contact with the ticketing agency or the venue you purchased your tickets from within a reasonable timeframe before the event.


What are the set times for the show I’m seeing?
We post all our set times closer to the show day on our Facebook events. Alternatively, it is always a good idea to check the venue’s webpage or ticketing webpage. As they also sometimes include the set times. 

How do I find out if the show is for 18+ or All Ages?
Please head to the venue’s webpage or the ticketing page for the show you are wanting to attend, all information regarding the show will be listed there. 

The show I want to go to is sold-out, will more tickets be released?
If a show you are wanting to attend is sold out, please head to the tour page on our website and sign up for the waitlist. Any news of extra tickets being released will be directly emailed to you! Alternatively, just keep an eye on our socials. Any show updates will be posted there.

Under no circumstances do we recommend buying tickets off social media, nor off unauthorised reseller sites (Viagogo, eBay, Facebook etc). These tickets may not gain entry into the event, and we do not encourage anyone to purchase via 3rd party agencies.

The show I was attending has been upgraded, are my tickets still valid?
Every venue is different. But no need to fret!
We are handling it all in the back end and you will either be issued new tickets via the new venue / ticketing company, or your original tickets will work just fine. Any concerns, please contact the new venue. 

Where can I apply for media accreditation?
Please email us directly at Please include links to your work if you are a photographer. 

How do I apply for a support slot?
Please email us directly at with the tour or date of the show you are submitting for.

I lost my wallet / ID, how can I get into the show?
Please contact the venue directly, they will be able to assist and let you know if you need a valid form of identification to attend the show. 



I love what DAL does! How can I apply to be on the agency?
Our agents at DAL are very passionate about music and the bands they work with. Please send through your social links and any relevant information regarding your band. Your information will be forwarded to our agents if anyone takes an interest. They will reach out directly.



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