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Formed in Hobart in 1999, Psycroptic is indisputable in their legendary status as leaders of forward-thinking extreme metal. Rooted in technical death metal, recent records have seen the band explore many avenues of adjacent sounds to carry their unique identity to absolutely mind-melting heights.


With brothers Dave and Joe Haley the creative core of the band since its inception, vocalist Jason Peppiat and bassist Todd Stern round out their most formidable form, and an endless devotion to technical wizardry and clever songwriting has seen the unit become a staple of the global circuit, having torn it up all around the globe with acts such as Carcass, Whitechapel, Obituary, Aborted, Archspire, Thy Art Is Murder, and countless other iconic names, while releasing records through heavy metal institutions Willowtip, Nuclear Blast, and Prosthetic Records.


With 2022's spellbinding Divine Council album now firmly behind them, the band is presently hard at work on ensuring their ninth full-length leaves all that have come before in the dust.

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