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Renegades of Wrestling

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Criss Fresh has worked in wrestling for over 20 years both as a performer and behind the scenes. He has worked in creative teams in Australia’s biggest wrestling promotions such as NWE, Crown Casino’s All Star Wrestling and Wrestlerock. He was the Head of Creative at Melbourne City Wrestling from late 2013 until the end of 2019.


Mikey Jay has almost 20 years of experience in wrestling, working as a producer and promoter for over a dozen promotions nationwide. His most notable role was the Director of Melbourne City Wrestling for a decade from its beginning until 2020. Mikey also operates the Australian Wrestling Network.


Both men say their proudest achievement is being part of the growth of independent wrestling in Australia and witnessing a level of popularity not seen since the days of Festival Hall and World Championship Wrestling.


They share a common goal for Renegades of Wrestling, and that’s to continue the independent wrestling growth on a national level and help Australian Wrestling continue to stand out internationally. They want this to be the place where talent wants to come to work.

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