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Those Who Dream

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Those Who Dream is an Australian alternative rock duo and multifaceted creative project of siblings Josh and Hazel Meyer. Their captivating energy and effortlessly commanding stage presence has propelled the band from a bedroom in Perth to national tours with Mayday Parade, Short Stack and Good Things Festival; as well as earning them features in NME and Alternative Press.


The siblings are as DIY as it gets, citing “YouTube tutorials” as their teachers of filmmaking, 3D animation, graphic design, songwriting and production. The sum of these talents can be best seen in the duo’s extravagant music videos; namely ‘Violet’ & ‘Tension Headache’, which feature surreal, horror inspired visuals.


With their debut EP ‘Life in Cyan’ reaching #4 on Apple Music’s Rock charts, viral success on TikTok, and a constant stream of creative social media content, Those Who Dream have begun to amass a loyal and passionate fanbase globally. 


“We want to give a voice to the people who society all too often undervalues. We struggle with mental illness, we were the ‘weird kids’, but we get up on stage and show people that you can celebrate all those things. And every time we meet fans after a show and hear their stories, it’s proof that the message is getting through.”

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