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No Money Enterprise 

Back to Back Tour 

June 2024


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ALL TIX: $39.99

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Logan City’s No Money Enterprise, featuring brothers Rndy Svge and Tommy OT, today announce their first ever headline tour of Australia.
Presented by Destroy All Lines, the ‘Back to Back’ tour will hit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this coming June/July.

Emerging in 2019 with their viral hit 'German', No Money Enterprise swiftly rose to prominence in the Australian hip hop scene.

With a staggering 70 million streams to their name, ARIA chart-topping success and multiple gold and platinum certifications in Australia
and New Zealand, their music has resonated widely, characterised by raw, gritty storytelling and compelling production, No Money
Enterprise has not only captivated listeners but also brought their uniquely relatable stories to a nationwide audience.

Despite their meteoric rise, the duo has performed live only a select number of times, making the ‘Back to Back’ tour anexclusive opportunity

for fans to witness the sheer energy of an NME performance firsthand. With the momentum from their recent releases,
No Money Enterprise promises to offer an intimate and unforgettable live experience this coming June/July.

The tour also represents a pivotal chapter for No Money Enterprise, now a duo, commemorating their remarkable journey and the seminal

hits that have defined their career thus far. This tour is more than just a series of concerts; it’s a celebration of their evolution

and a chance to share their unadulterated sound with fans across the country.

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