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 Australian Tour - August 2024

with special guest Mercury Rev 

ALL TIX: $99.00 - $129.00  




UK shoegaze pioneers RIDE have announced an exclusive encore show in Melbourne on Sunday 11th August at the Croxton Bandroom performing their seminal album ‘Going Blank Again’ in its entirety for the first time with special guests Mercury Rev.

The album, released in 1992, sits as a marker of sonic development for RIDE who, at this point of their career, were stepping out from the success of their debut album NOWHERE, and into sophomore album territory – one marked with expectation.

The record features a diverse set of influences that builds on RIDE’s strong shoegaze foundations, fleshing the arrangements out with hints of punk, indie rock and even vibrant pop-leaning melodies.Certified Gold, Going Blank is an addition to the RIDE body of work that has been viewed as a blueprint for generations of shoegaze and rock groups to follow.

RIDE’s reunion in 2014 meant that for long-time fans of the beloved group, they were about to get a brand-new era from the band who had been responsible for one of the most important waves of British music through the ‘80s and ‘90s.


Forming in Oxford, England in 1988, RIDE set the blueprint for the shoegaze scene with the release of their landmark debut album ‘Nowhere’- a timeless classic inspired a wave of shoegaze bands to follow in years to come.

Armed with their stellar seventh studio album INTERPLAY', the music RIDE has produced has remained nothing short of exciting.

‘INTERPLAY, is RIDE’S third album since reforming in 2014, having now been together longer in their current second phase than their original iteration as 90’s shoegaze pioneers.

It will follow 2017’s Weather Diaries and 2019’s This Is Not A Safe Place, which re-lit the Ride spark, both pleasing old diehards and introducing one of the most forward-thinking guitar bands of their generation to a whole new audience. it connects all the dots from their career, taking the frenzied guitar attacks, hypnotic grooves and dreamy melodic hooks of their early work and setting it to a more expansive sonic template, inspired by 80's pop gems like Tears For Fears, Talk Talk & early U2


For Australian fans, the opportunity to reconnect with the music of RIDE is coming up this year, with the band confirming a national tour of Australia, plus a visit to Aotearoa, this August.


It is a perfect time to be reminded of the chemistry between the members of the band; chemistry that has manifested beautifully on INTERPLAY, but has also enjoyed rejuvenation within themselves as a live unit. Chaotic guitars meet excellently produced synths and melodies, as threads of psychedelic folk and electronic music weave together with ease.


Joining RIDE on this epic return to Australia/NZ is beloved indie/psych rock group MERCURY REV. Led by Jonathan Donahue and Sean ‘Grasshopper’ Mackowiak, MERCURY REV has continued to reinvent and celebrate their classic sound that has been unafraid to explore new forms throughout the ‘90s, ‘00s and into present day. The band’s last studio record, a reimagining of Bobbie Gentry’s seminal album, THE DELTA SWEETE, saw MERCURY REV collaborate with a number of artists in reworking the classic material. BOBBY GENTRY’S THE DELTA SWEETE REVISITED featured the likes of Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridgers, Beth Orton and Margo Price, brought into the MERCURY REV world. Eleven studio albums, as well as numerous compilation, soundtrack and live albums to their name, MERCURY REV’s impact is undeniable.

“...successfully retains those hippyish vibes, increasingly mixed with anger about the world disintegrating around them. It’s their most adult album yet, and it suits them.”

~ The Guardian

“...the way the album oozes with a confidence and sensibility that suggests its creators know this might just be the finest collection of songs they’ve release since their debut, Nowhere, back in 1990.”

~ Under The Radar Mag

“Their reunion albums retained some of the spark of their beloved early tunes, but Interplay doubles down on the signature Ride sound with enchantment and confidence.”

~ Consequence of Sound

“Refusing to dwell on the past, the band tap back into their unique sound while producing fresh, engaging material.”

~ CLASH Magazine

“Rarely ever do Ride take a conceptual approach to the lyrics. The vocals, in a similar vein, feel more like an instrument than singing. They fade into the mix and mimic much of what is going on instrumentally. This creates a very atmospheric, hazy sound for an album that rarely ever misses the mark.”

~ mxdwn

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