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May 2024

Australian Tour

Sam Fischer

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Australian born Sam Fischer first introduced himself with his Not A Hobby EP and has achieved well deserved attention since for his heartfelt songs.  Join the man with over a billion streams to his name, this MAY around Australia playing song’s off his new debut album ‘I Love You, Please Don’t Hate’ plus fan-favourites. 


He said: "Apart from being the 15 best songs I’ve ever written, my debut album is an honest conversation with myself about my feelings  over the last 5 years. I've been in love, heartbroken, elated, deluded, uncertain and desperate.  I’m a completely different person now than I was when This City stormed the world. I’ve had everything I’ve always wanted handed to me and then taken away. I’ve tried to navigate a relationship romantically & with myself through it all. This album gives you a front row seat to my mind and hopefully, with this release, I can hand over everything I've been holding to the listeners to carry for me and figure out what comes next."


Sam’s debut single This City currently stands at over 750 million worldwide streams and 4 million worldwide sales and stayed in the UK Top 20 for 11 weeks. The track is also double platinum in Australia, platinum in the UK and Gold in the US, New Zealand and Switzerland.

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