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The Shake Your Aus Tour

September 2024

ALL TIX: $64.90 
VIP UPGRADE $109.90*   

Scene Queen - promo 2_edited.jpg


Scene Queen is coming in hot and fiery as she announces the Shake Your Aus Tour. Hitting the east coast of Australia this September, Scene Queens headline tour is in support of her highly-anticipated debut album "Hot Singles in Your Area", out now on Hopeless Records. Full tour detail below. 

After four years of fans tweeting, dming, emailing, sending messenger pigeons, and countless letters in bottles via the Pacific Ocean; I am finally visiting the great nation of Australia. I promised to make the wait worth it, so you’re getting the longest headline set I’ve ever played. So buckle up, listen to the new album, and get ready to shake your AUS  Scene Queen

Scene Queen has slowly but surely been painting the metal world pink with her viral anthems, and her first full-length album is a masterful testament to her songwriting skills. With 15 sparkling tracks, including collaborations with the likes of Wargasm, 6arelyhuman, and The Ready Set, she’s delivered an album with no skips, and a wealth of inspiration. The album arrives in tandem with a moving new music video, which shows off Scene Queen’s softer side.

With her debut album, Scene Queen hopes to expound on the idea of reclaiming your sexuality, confidence, and feeling empowered to express your true self regardless of what anyone will think. “I hope listeners are able to feel safe in their skin with this record like I have,” Scene Queen extends, “Something about not caring what anyone else thinks has done wonders for my confidence and I hope I’m able to spread that and empower others along the way.” The result is an album that is everything Bimbocore has become known for, ramped up by 100.
Scene Queen will be bringing her punchy and sexually-empowered live show to Australia for the first time this September. Her set will have you fixated the whole way through but most of all, she’s moving the needle for sexual empowerment forward while demolishing misogynists along the way.

"Peddling her own self-styled brand of Bimbocore (which is pretty much exactly what is sounds like) Scene Queen is brash and unapologetic; it’s girlypop meets metalcore, and from the off the Californian lets us know what she’s all about." - Louder Than War - Download Festival live review

"With an arsenal of fierce sex-positive anthems that hit like a sugar rush, Scene Queen has all the makings of an instant festival hit at her first Download and predictably, it goes down like a storm. Strutting her way through the infectious wink-nudge of Finger and ferocious Pink Push-Up Bra, she’s a pink Molotov cocktail of sass and anger." Kerrang! - Download Festival live review


Scene Queen (AKA Hannah Collins) is not here to be quiet, and she is not here to apologise. With lyrics that come for the throat of misogynists and genre purists, Collins is not afraid to disrupt the peace. Don't be fooled by Scene Queen's colorful pink image. She's as fierce as she is vibrant, with angst packed between every punchy lyric. Scene Queen is the epitome of the new emo scene. A new scene where everyone is welcome. Her music shows the cracks in society and breaks down the walls we put up everyday. To show that although this new scene may look different, we are all pink on the inside. 

*VIP Upgrade does not include a ticket.   All upgrades require a ticket to be purchased. 

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