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Debut Australian & New Zealand Tour 

November 2024

ALL TIX: $69.90 
HEILUNG $109.90*   

Exclusive Headline Shows



Captivating Faroe Islands artist Eivør will perform three intimate and spellbinding headline shows with her full band during her Australian and New Zealand tour with Heilung in November.

Eivør, is an artist perfectly attuned to the savage vicissitudes of nature. Hailing from the tiny village of Syðrugøta on the Faroe Islands, Eivør grew up surrounded by the harsh, windswept landscape of the North Atlantic and it informs her music perfectly. With ten studio albums to her name, as well as numerous collaborations with artists including Àsgeir, John Grant, Einar Selvik (Wardruna) and Dan Heath (Lana Del Ray) Eivør can be considered to be one of the most eclectic artists of the Nordics and one of the most mesmerising live vocalists of her generation.


The winner of the 2021 Nordic Council Music prize and awarded twice with the Icelandic Music Prize, multiple Danish Music Folk Awards, as well as the Faroese Music Award, Eivør is part of a new wave of Nordic artists rapidly building passionate international fan bases with music that honours their ancient cultural & musical folklore. At last count, Eivør’s music has been streamed close to 1 billion times and she also soundtracks and features on all seasons of the flagship Netflix hit series The Last Kingdom.


Eviør's multifaceted new album, Enn, Has just been released.

This experimental work, led by her powerful, sonorous voice, seamlessly transitions from symphonic and operatic pieces to dark electronic beats, immersing listeners in a surreal journey through inner and outer landscapes. The album is further enriched by Eivør's visual universe, blending elements of nature and fantasy, deeply inspired by her Nordic roots in the remote Faroe Islands, a land of extremes with vibrant folk traditions. 


Enn reflects her journey, combining classical music, beat-making, and cinematic scores. The album explores themes of nature, human nature, and the Earth.

To experience Eivør in such intimate venues will be limited to the lucky few and they will hold dear those memories of her first ever Australian headline shows.



Eivør will join world music masters and ritual collective Heilung on their forthcoming tour this October and November!HEILUNG’S rituals are captivating and enthralling, with their unique fusion of ancient traditions and modern innovation, transporting audiences into a realm of primal energy and mysticism, invoking the spirits of ancestors through haunting vocals and featuring authentic traditional instrumentation that ranges from rattles and ritual bells to human bones and throat singing.

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