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Touche Amore

Australian Tour (inc. New Bloom Fest)   


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March 2024

ALL TIX: 54.90- 59.90  



Local Supports:

Perth: Vacant Home + Idle Eyes + Gloam

Adelaide: Blind Girls + Colourblind + Energy Angel

Belgrave: Bloom + Bad JuJu + Resenter

Melbourne: Blind Girls + No Brainer + Gil Cerrone

Hailing from Los Angeles, TOUCHE AMORE have spent over a decade burrowing into themes of angst, alienation, cancer and death. From the release of their 2009 debut album …To the Beat of a Dead Horsethrough to their 2020 opus Lament, TOUCHE AMORE have actively matured alongside their releases, emerging on the latter with a nuanced collection of songs that fuse hard-won optimism into ferocious yet delicate terrain. From performances at Coachella Festival to touring alongside Balance and Composure and Every Time I Die, TOUCHE AMORE are always ready to stun in a live setting.

Turning the spotlight firmly on the freshest up-and-coming artists in the scene, TOUCHE AMORE will also be performing at NEW BLOOM FEST next March with American Rockers CITIZEN, post-hardcore heroes MOVEMENTS, and pop punk powerhouse NO PRESSURE all lined up to rattle the collective roofs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, alongside alternative rockers FLESHWATER and grunge shoegaze duo SOFTCULT both performing as part of their debut Australian appearances.

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